RFNC-VNIITF named after Acad. E.I. Zababakhin is a primary organization of the Interdepartmental Testing Center in terms of radiation-resistance testing. The Interdepartmental Testing Center was established to support the development and manufacturing of radiation-resistant electronic components and radioelectronic equipment. RFNC-VNIITF performs radiation-resistance testing in the testing laboratory. The testing laboratory is certified in the Voenelectroncert voluntary certification system and is authorized to perform certification testing of electronic components of domestic and foreign manufacture. Certificat # СВС.01.622.0129.11 of November 25, 2011 was issued by the headquarters of the Voenelectroncert system which is a branch of the Federal Budget Institution “46 CNII (Central Scientific Research Institute) of the RF Ministry of Defense”. All testing equipment was certified in the FBI “Main Scientific Metrology Center of the RF Ministry of Defense” in 2011.

RFNC-VNIITF laboratory performs radiation-resistance testing of radioelectronic equipment to neutron, gamma and ultrahard X-ray radiation effects in accordance with the KLIMAT and the MOROZ military standards systems on a contractual basis. Tests are performed using certified dosimetry equipment. Apart from radiation-resistance testing of electronic components and radioelectronic equipment, the laboratory carries out research work to determine the effect of ionizing radiation on optical, electrical and mechanical material properties.

Simulation Facilities Available:

  1. IGUR-3, EMIR-2, RAPID-2, and IPUE pulse bremsstrahlung sources based on high-current electron accelerators;
  2. BARS-5M + RUN-2 fast aperiodic self-quenched reactor;
  3. YAGUAR pulse solution nuclear reactor;
  4. IS-1 test bench; and
  5. NG-12I neutron generator.