G.A. Ivanov et al. Explosive Deuterium Power. Snezhinsk, 2009.

ISBN 978-5-902278-37-5

UDC 621.039
E 97

G.A. Ivanov, N.P. Voloshin, A.S. Ganeev, F.P. Krupin, S.Y. Kuzminykh, B.V. Litvinov, A.I. Svalukhin, L.I. Shibarshov

The publication is a monograph devoted to problems of global power generation. It proposes the concept of explosive deuterium fusion power based on an explosive combustion boiler (KVS) developed by RFNC–VNIITF in Snezhinsk.

The authors explore the physical underpinnings of the growing global energy disaster, the technical feasibility of developing the KVS based on existing technologies, and issues of the future cost of energy and environmental conditions at the scale of world civilization. They discuss the scientific and technical, natural geographic, and economic underpinnings that permit Russia to become the parent of explosive deuterium power.
The book is intended for physicists and ecologists, power engineers and entrepreneurs, and all those interested in the possible solution of the world’s energy problems in the coming decades.

Scientists from Sandia National Laboratories, USA, translated the book into English in 2007 on the initiative and active assistance of Thomas A. Mehlhorn, HEDP Theory/ICF Target Design Manager.

The authors acknowledge the SNL scientists’ work and express their gratitude for agreement to publish the book in the English translation.



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