Zababakhin E.I. Some Problems of the Gasdynamics of Explosions. Snezhinsk, 2001.

Some problems of the gasdynamics of explosions.

ISBN 5–85165–435–X

Zababakhin E.I.Some Problems of the Gasdynamics of Explosions. Snezhinsk, 2001.
RFNC – VNIITF Publishing House, Snezhinsk

Translated from Russian by L.V. Mardasheva
Edited by Celia М. Elliott, University of Illinois, USA
Prof. B.G. Loboiko, RFNC – VNIITF, Russia
Prof. V.A. Simonenko, RFNC – VNIITF, Russia

The unclassified publication of the book was issued in 1997, forty years after its drawing up. The present edition is the translation of the RFNC – VNIITF publication from Russian that approximates as much as possible to the original. The book considers shock and detonation waves, one-dimensional nonsteady and two- dimensional steady flows, as well as the spherically symmetrical ones of continuous media. It contains both the results of the author's original theoretical work and the classic concepts of the phenomena being considered.

The book is intended to be used by scientists, engineers and other technical workers, as well as by post-graduates and upper- level university students who specialize in the field of gasdynamics and explosion physics.

© RFNC – VNIITF, 2001



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